(Out)Laws & Justice - 2008

Funded in March, 2008: $60000 for 2 years
 (Out)Laws & Justice is a grade eight interdisciplinary curriculum integrating the multiple subjects of history/social studies, language arts and drama. The curriculum is framed in such a way that compels students to critically reflect on westward expansion, to discover the mythic hegemonies of the Wild West on contemporary culture, public policies and their individual lives. Funding from The Dana Foundation grant supports a multi-phased Professional Training Institute in Los Angeles and New York City, which will be followed by implementation of the OLJ/NYU curricula and drama strategies in public middle schools in both cities. The training will build upon what has been learned from the teacher artist training program funded by Dana in 2007.The New York City training is to be conducted in partnership with New York University Steinhardt School’s Program of Educational Drama.  Faculty from the Program along with selected teaching artists in Los Angeles and New York will provide a colloquium of instruction for approximately twenty NYU Steinhardt students. Colloquium students will learn how to integrate language arts, social studies, and using the process of drama to help middle school students connect the ethical consequences of historic and current events.