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Dana Education

This grant supports the University of Washington’s Brain Health Learning Network, a program which will create a community of adult learners interested in neuroscience, brain health, mental health, and healthy aging.

The goal of the Brain Health Learning Network is to strengthen older adults’ knowledge about the brain and empower them to make informed decisions about their brain health and critically analyze the brain health-related information they encounter in the media. Twelve in-person lectures with audience Q&As will be held at various locations in the Puget Sound region and live-streamed and recorded to increase accessibility. A website will be created to host lecture recordings as well as accompanying study guides, links to additional resources, and information about relevant clinical trials. Older adults will be active participants in the network, forming a community of learners who are encouraged to exchange ideas and perspectives and share their knowledge of brain health with others. Events such as online forums and quarterly book/film clubs will build relationships among participants and speakers and encourage discussion and mutual learning on specific topics exploring the intersections between neuroscience and the arts, law, education, and industry.

The University of Washington envisions the Brain Health Learning Network will become a model for organizations to follow when creating informal education programs for older adults in other communities. To this end, they will conduct a thorough evaluation and share the results through articles in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at conferences such as the Society for Neuroscience and Gerontological Society of America.

This grant supports the Dana Education objective to support sustained informal education that aims to strengthen knowledge of neuroscience and its connections to society and empower people of all ages to use that knowledge in their every day lives.

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