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Our Grants

The Dana Foundation is leading efforts to build the emerging and critical field of neuroscience and society, which encompasses how neuroscience both reflects and informs society. Our vision is brain science for a better future. To ensure a positive future, we must better connect neuroscience to the needs of society. We must strive to make the field more inclusive and collaborative. By opening the field up to diverse perspectives, working in closer partnership with other disciplines, and deepening our engagement with the general public, neuroscience can contribute to the flourishing of everyone.

Our mission is to advance neuroscience that benefits society and reflects the aspirations of all people through interdisciplinary collaborative work, at the interface between neuroscience and fields such as ethics, law, humanities, medicine, arts, social sciences, policy, education, and public engagement.

The Foundation’s grant-making includes three programs that aim to strengthen neuroscience’s positive role in the world. We are still refining our programmatic strategy so these goals will evolve—please check back regularly for updates.

Dana Education

Program goal: To spark interest and support education around neuroscience and the many ways it interfaces with our everyday lives. (See current grants)

Dana NextGen

Program goal: To develop a new generation of interdisciplinary experts who shepherd neuroscience uses for a better world. (See current grants)

Dana Frontiers

Program goal: To increase engagement with neuroscience among diverse publics to deepen trust and inform policy. (See current grants)

Grants News & Deadlines

Grants for future Dana Centers for Neuroscience & Society

Dana Foundation awarded 11 planning grants for potential Dana Centers for Neuroscience & Society in September 2022. The deadline for the second stage will be in mid-2023.

The Dana Foundation is seeking US-based strategic partners to design and host a Center for Neuroscience & Society, one that is deeply committed to rigorous interdisciplinary training in neuroscience, that engages in research with an eye towards addressing practical issues raised by advancing neuroscience, and that grows a new generation of interdisciplinary experts who are empowered to embed neuroscience and its implications in a societal context.

After a highly successful open call for proposals, the Dana Foundation is excited to announce the 11 US-based academic institutions awarded Dana Centers for Neuroscience & Society planning grants. The planning grants are the first phase of a two-part grants process; in the second phase, these 11 institutions will compete for two grants to establish a Dana Center to grow multidisciplinary scholarship.

Proposals for a Dana Center will be due in mid-2023. We anticipate a Dana Center will be announced in late 2023. Dana Centers will be funded at approximately $1M annually for five years. More details


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